What is your strongest Multiple Intelligence [sic]?

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Which one is your strongest Multiple Intelligence?


Has superb ability in performing, composing, or analyzing music. Knows how to play more than just "Rock and Soul" on the piano. Has a good sense of what sounds right vs. what sounds stupid.

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This is a little surpising, not that it's strong but that it's my strongest. Whoever wrote the title of the test doesn't understand that the mulitiple intelligences are different kinds of intelligence. It's not as if each is a multiple intelligence. I can't figure out how the questions had much to do with the results. Only one question was about music. (found via Proverbial Wife)


Very interesting test. The Myers-Briggs test gets a little long in the tooth after a while. Back in college Parableman and I spent a lot of time collecting information and categorizing people into different MB types. It is refreshing to see another fun and informative way of gauging people's abilities.

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