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This post at Baldilocks gave me the idea to share a few things about myself that might be considered curiosities. Perhaps you could think of them as things about me that you might not otherwise have known. I typed up a bunch of these but will probably post them in shorter sets, since they're not brief sentences like Juliette's.

The first one is deducible from a link on this blog, but I'll give it anyway. My Myers-Briggs personality type is ISTJ. See here for a good description of this type. I have much interest overlap with the NT rational type [link], but I approach it in an SJ guardian way, so sometimes I test the way NTs test. I don't understand the other two temperaments, even though my wife is one of them, NF idealist. SP artisans totally baffle me. (Here's the quickest way to see if you easily fit into one of these categories.)

I got the name Parableman when I was trying to be deliberately secretive to describe a situation a friend of mine had gotten into, making it look as bad as possible without giving any of the details that showed that he hadn't really done anything bad at all. It wasn't really deceptive, because the people I was talking to knew I was hiding all the information relevant to deciding whether anything immoral was going on. By the end of the conversation, they started singing "Parableman, Parableman" to the tune of Particle Man by They Might Be Giants. I wish I'd written down those words. They'd done a pretty good job with it, given that it was all ad libbed.

I'm descended from kings, according to my high school English teacher. When we were reading Le Morte D'Arthur, one of the characters was a King of Northumberland named De Percy, and I mentioned to her that my ancestor ten generations back was Richard Peirce (pronounced like Purse) from Northumberland, a British nobleman who was running from something (either because he'd gotten someone pregnant, was accused of some crime that he did or didn't do, or was fleeing from religious persecution of some sort). He changed his name from Percy to Perce (spelling wasn't standardized) when he settled in Maine before moving to Portsmouth, RI. She said that if he was a nobleman named Percy, then he was almost definitely a descendant of the kings De Percy of the time the Arthur legends are supposed to be about. Of course, anyone of European stock is probably descended from some European king, given this. I can claim that it's all through fathers, for what that's worth. It wasn't until my grandfather's generation that it became standardized as Pierce. I may also be distantly related to President Bush, whose mother's maiden name was Pierce, and she's also from New England. She's more closely related to President Franklin Pierce than to me, but it's possible that there's a connection. If so, it's definitely at least 6 generations back, but it's probably more like 8 or 9 if it's even during the 10 generations Pierces have been in the New World.

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