Things You Don't Need to Know II

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Here are three more items you don't have any reason to have to know about me. I have two more installments planned (written, in fact, though I need to find some links for some of them). If anyone thinks this sort of thing is worth continuing or if you have any specific questions, let me know, and I'll see what I can do. At some point self-disclosure becomes non-existent with me if I'm left to my own initiative, so if I'm going to be like some bloggers and share interesting bits of information about myself occasionally I may need prodding. Maybe no one who reads this blog cares, but if you do then go ahead and encourage it in particular ways by feeding me questions to respond to.

I'm supposed to be responding questions for the Blogdom of God blogger interview I'm doing for Army of One, so I should get to that before I do too much more of this.

When I was in high school, I raised chickens. My older brothers had primary responsibility for them and decided to end it. They put most of them to death, and I decided I wanted to keep some of them and take over for a couple years. When I was done, I donated them to a nursery school that has a farm component. After tasting how hard the ones they'd killed earlier were due to our being nice to our chickens and letting them run around, I decided there wasn't much point to killing them for meat. I feel obligated to mention that three of our chickens laid green eggs. No ham.

I've voted in three presidential elections, and my vote has never elected someone to the presidency. I don't think that will change as long as we live in the northeast (unless we move to NH). I voted for Bush in 1992, but RI's electoral votes went to Clinton. I voted for Lamar Alexander in the 1996 NH primary, and he didn't go on to win the nomination (but he's now a senator from TN, taking Al Gore's old spot). I voted for Bob Dole in the 1996 general election, but RI went with Clinton again. Then in 2000 I voted for Alan Keyes in the NY primary, who of course lost, and Bush in the general election, who won but not from any NY votes, so my vote didn't influence his win. I don't know if any Senate candidates I've voted for have won. I may have voted for John Chafee once in RI. I'm not even sure of that. No other Senate candidates I've voted for have won, but I do get to vote this year against the worst Senator currently in office. The only House candidate I've voted for who won is Jim Walsh, the Republican who has represented the Syracuse area for a number of years.

I've been on The Late Show with Dave Letterman but not in the studio. I was outside when they were filming the show, and they brought a camera outside, hailed a cab, talked to the cabbie a bit, and then had him drive the cab into the studio and onto the stage, to sit there in his cab for the rest of the show, honking on Dave's command. When they were shooting the cab outside, I walked by 2-3 times and was therefore on the show. I still have this on tape.

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