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A member of my congregation started something like a Christian version of The Onion called The Holy Observer. I just discovered it yesterday.

Here's a bit from the disclaimer:

If you are offended by any of the content on The Holy Observer, there is probably some good reason why you shouldn't be. If you can't figure out what the reason is, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're not smart enough to understand why you shouldn't be offended, but it probably does.

One older piece that I found enjoyable: Christian Capitalization! Those who wrote the Greek manuscripts without any capitalization are in big trouble, though I guess the ones who wrote the ones that capitalizaed every letter are in pretty good shape.


PLEASE be sure to thank that member of your congregation for me. I've enjoyed Holy Observer and Lark News for a while now.

OK. That's pretty funny. That's now on my bookmarklist right next to The Onion.

Jeremy, who told you about the site? I'm glad you like it!

Mark had it in an away message.

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