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Since I'm going to be working on the questions for the Blogdom of God interview soon, I decided to go read the two interviews that I hadn't read yet. One of them was of Secret Agent Man's Dossier. This hasn't been true of any of the other interviews I've read so far, but I found a number of items worth drawing attention to.

1. His comments about political parties and fascism are at the very least interesting. Anyone interested in a new take on political realities in the United States should read what he has to say. It's not exactly friendly to either major party, at least in toto. 2. His observations about religion and science fiction TV, especially Babylon 5 and Star Trek, are spot on. I think Kai Winn was apostate from the very beginning, but maybe we think of apostasy in different ways. It might have to do with his Catholicism and my strongly Protestant views of apostacy, according to which you can be a member of the organized church in good standing and be completely apostate. Either way, his insights into the portrayal of religion on DS9 and B5, along with his comments about Gene Roddenberry's insipid vision of the future, are excellent. 3. He seems to have quite a balanced perspective on Catholic vs. Protestant issues. Catholics who think they understand Protestantism might come away from reading this interview finding some misconceptions corrected. The same goes (much more strongly) for Protestants who think they understand Catholicism. On some issues, he deftly explains why certain Protestant criticisms of Catholicism are misguided, though I agree with him that some of the disagreements that remain are pretty serious.

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