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I'm still in the thick of things with grading, though the urgency factor is drastically lower now that classes are over and the first grading deadline is not until Wednesday. Still, I'm putting off the posts on my growing list of things to blog about more seriously (affirmative action, intermarriage and divorce in Ezra 9-10, Leibniz and necessitarianism, President Bush and religion, and a contextualist view of racial classification, not to mention the other possibilities I've been pondering without being sure I have anything to say about). So let's get that lasso out again to get rid of some of the more minor things on my blogging list that won't get full entries. Some of this is old stuff that I just didn't have the time to put together what I really wanted to say.

Google is Skynet.

Watcher of Weasels makes short work of the absurd chicken-hawk stuff.

A Zogby poll shows the majority of Americans to be pro-life. That surprises me in the northeast, where it's almost heresy to think a fetus is a person or that a fetus might have moral rights for any other reason. Still, I've heard many people in the pro-life movement claiming exactly what this poll indicates. What really surprised me was the higher numbers having to do with fairly early restrictions on abortion even when it's seen as ok at very early stages. Thanks to Logicus bLogicus for the link.

Canada has just passed two laws that make me wonder about their capacity to realize the consequences of these laws. I think the contradiction charge is legitimate in this case.

Electric Venom has some good, harsh comments about a sick new adoption reality show.

Bill at Walloword encounters the Internet Genie. This one's good.

Finally, Volokh defends witch hunts, based on reasons that he admits will raise interesting questions about the Mutant Registration Act and other comic book "evils".


Thanks for the link... by the way, I thought you might want a heads-up about my weekly offer of link whorage.

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