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It's not what you would expect. A pastor who has experienced serious divisiveness in his church (not to mention observing much more online) has devoted a website to offer some sanity in opposition to the nastiness of the growing legalism in American Christianity about such gospel-centric issues as how your children are schooled, whether it's ok to participate in a Sunday school program that segregates students based on age, whether a wife should be allowed to work outside the home and daughters allowed to go to college, what sorts of college majors are allowable for Christians, and various other issues your answer to which will determine whether you're "in error".

An example: There is no natural kind of those who homeschool their kids. In fact, there's a sharp natural division between those who prayerfully consider the options and decide that homeschooling is the best option for them at the time and in their circumstances and those we shall call Homers.

There's not much up so far, but it looks to be a good site.


Thanks for pointing this site out - I'm one of those folks who used to have it all figured out and I really ticked a lot of people off. It took some real breaking in my heart to see how pharisaical I had become.

I've got a family in my church now who ran afoul of church leadership in a former church for not homeschooling their kids all the way through High School and for allowing their kids to go to college.

I had a pastor who summed things up real well a few years ago. He said "God has given parents the responsibility of educating their children. Some choose to exercise this responsibility through homeschooling, some through private schooling and some through public schooling. We will support and assist all of our parents in whatever choice they make." Pretty good advice eh?


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