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Well, OrangePhilosophy has a new home. I'm not quite sure where all the moves are, though.

If anyone knows how to solve the problem of text going off the page, let me know. I searched both Google and the MT forum, and I couldn't find anything about it.


It's been fixed. You need to extend your search back to at least 90 days on the MT forum.

I've become convinced that Matt is like some god or something. He hovers around the net, fixing things, taking bandwidth from the rich, giving it to the poor,etc. He says he has a wife and a job, but I'm not so sure. How does he get all this time to run things? Either that, or he has a team of oompa-loompas who are busy in their cubicles making things run. It's a mystery, a mystery I tell you. See, before you know it, he'll make some comment here disavowing his internetual-sovereignty, which shall only reinforce our suspicions...

The statement above is false. Damn but by replying I make it true! Curse the paradox....

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