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Very, very sick. Up all night throwing up, interspersed with very bad diarrhea. Still have no idea what caused it with one but only one other member of the household sick. Felt much better after each purge and able to move around more easily now with just a headache and some uncomfortability in the midsection. Wasn't feeling up to blogging much today but a little better now. Not putting any subjects in these sentences, though they all have the same understood subject. Not counting subordinate clauses.


"Stop rocking the boat!"

"You are making me sea-sick!"


Sorry to hear about your maladies. Hope you feel better. At least, you are not living with an Orc or on a ship (or, worse, living with an Orc while being on a ship).

What, no attempt to transcribe the orc song? That was the best part.

That was going around here, too, on the same days. Interesting.

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