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A new study gives an explanation for why women don't succeed as well as men in getting top positions in competitive situtions. Some postulate that it's mere sexism and that men aren't as willing to consider women for such jobs as they are to consider men. Some of that may well go on. However, there's one factor that should at least be part of the story. Women don't do as well in competitive situations as they might do without competition. This study shows an increase in men's performance when competition sets in. No such increase occurs with women. Competitive situations therefore produce a gender gap, from the mere fact that it's a competitive situation. The gender gap is even wider when women have to compete against men than when women and men are segregated by sex.

(I should say that this may also be relevant to wage differences as well as to who gets what jobs to begin with. Wages are often determined by competitive factors.)

We too often conclude that an inequality of outcome is due to an inequality of treatment. It isn't necessarily that way. Those who then read every action related to that situation as unequal treatment are going to create more problems while not solving whatever real problems are there.

Thanks to Fringe for the link.


Good point that unequal outcome doesn't necessarily mean unequal treatment.

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