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I frequently get people visiting my site when searching for personality type information on Google. It might be good to have some actual content on that now and then instead of just the link in the sidebar to Keirsey's book that I'm reading.

Here's a good collection of Myers Briggs links.

Bloginality keeps track of how many people of each Myers Briggs type have taken the test on their site. As of this writing, there are some real disparities:

INFP 532
INTP 322
ENFP 241
INTJ 240
ENTP 203
INFJ 193
ISTJ 146
ISTP 141
ISFJ 102

Now these may just be the people who reported their results. For some reason introverts seem more inclined than extroverts to take the test and report the results. The people way at the top are all N. Then you have the introverted S types, followed by most of the extroverted types (except ENFP, which is higher). Surprisingly, P tends to be higher and J lower. T and F seem to have no bearing on this.

I'm not sure if there are any conclusions to draw, but this isn't exactly what I expected. I expect F and E to tend toward the top, with T and I tending toward the bottom. I did expect SP artisanss to be low, and that turned out correct. People of that type generally hate these tests and think they pigeonhole people into categories that people shouldn't be put into, thus confirming the tests's reliability by their own opposition to them on the grounds that they're unreliable.

If anyone's interested in MBTI enough to have read this far, and you also happen to be ISTJ and are interested in starting an ISTJ webring, then let me know. I nothing about webrings or how to start one, but I think there should be one, and there isn't. A number of Myers-Briggs types have them now, but ISTJ isn't among them. I'd join one if I knew of one.


Personally, I think the INTP's rock!

INTP's may rock but INFP's rule! Heh heh. I wonder what the MB types of the more annoying/aggressive/argumentative bloggers are? Any theories about what MB types produce trolls and such?

Such statistics suffer from being self-selecting, i.e. you are drawing conclusions from those people who chose to answer, and these may very well not be representative of the population. (As Jeremy points out, SP/artisans in general could not care less about this type of pigeon-holing.)

Actually, this is exactly what I was interested in. Assuming I'm interpreting the data correctly, the people at the top of the list are the types that tend to be more interested in two things:

1. taking this kind of test
2. reporting their scores by name with a personalized message

That reveals something about which types are likely to do that. The fact that it's self-selecting doesn't discount any of it, because the question is about which types are the ones who self-select for this sort of thing.

Jeremy - have you come across the IPIP-NEO personality test (as used by industrial psychologists) before? I think it's actually much better than Myers-Briggs. If you're interested, see here for more details.

P.S. I'm an INTJ :)

Wow I just came across this page. Many years after anyone has commented. It's interesting because at the time this page was posted I was only getting into personality types and now it's one of the most fundamental aspects of my worldview.

I have links to a variety of Myers Briggs Online resources, including many I put together over the last few years. I think the web is really spreading understanding of these issues.

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