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Someone on one of the music lists I'm on sent some bits from English translations of French and German Reviews of Proto-Kaw's new album Before Became After. Some of these are great.

"This band of seniors released a little, but nice like grandfathers. Before Became After is on the contrary the revenge of old veterans who occasion to leave the rocking flesh!"

"Thus, the leg of Livgren is quite present, with passages epic spendthrifts
in ignited solos, and solid instrumental station-wagons....."

"The troops stopped to never exist...."

"(They) want to lay an improbable tube testimony ....."

"Listen to the single in power The Occasion Of Your Honest Dreaming which will be for you the chance to initiate you with the public garden dance hall!"

"It is an eternity ago, when Kerry Livgren with its buddy to later very successful skirt volume the Kansas zusammenraufte itself at that time!"

"Now well thirty years pulled the Urmitglieder from at that time in the country and try again to place somewhat in music unusual on the legs."

"Songstrukturen with with the utmost care care and forget never not to span the elbow of the instrument valley trips."

"One is impressed by their exciting range between in-usual melodies and highest requirement and can be called kompositorischer bite-bite bites Livgren's."

"Without exaggeration this album is a genuine enriching for each fan of fastidious skirt music."

"it must have probably finally licked Prog skirt blood."


If you are interested in this kind of translations, use any translation program and read what you get. But I don't find it really funny or amusing.

Helen, translator

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