Hyleninja moves

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Mark Steen, StuffOntologist, has resumed his blogging distraction at a new location with Typepad, the one blogging tool available that rivals Movable Type. I didn't really expect the hiatus to last, but I expected it to be longer than this, and I didn't expect such a glorious return. Check out the Steve Irwin parody with the investigation of Australian utilitarians. He's got all the mannerisms down.


J., thanks for the plug! Yes, I'm infested with blogomania. There will be quite a slowdown eventually, though, I'm really just posting some of my favorite old stuff. See ya soon. Hey, where's Wink?

Wink's probably in the same place I am (and you should be) -- too busy to blog much because of his end-of-semester schedule. He hasn't posted much at his own blog recently. I imagine he's waiting until his exams and papers are finished before contributing his first post here. He's already logged on and gotten his settings right.

Yup. I've prohibited myself from posting anything of substance until my finals are over (Wed. May 4th). I do want to pass my classes after all.

As a by-the-way, I hear that WordPress is a pretty good blogging tool too.

I've never heard of it. Do you know any examples of good blogs that use it (especially if they use it well)?

Since no one seems to be getting the joke I didn't intend (or maybe everyone is simply ignoring it), let me just ask a few followup questions.

What kind of moves does a Hyleninja have? Are they like a regular ninja's moves, or is there something special brought on by the Hyle? Does it have anything to do with hylemorphing or any other kind of morphing? Now it's true that mere morphing doesn't count as moving, but Aristotle would have considering any morphing to be a kind of motion, so it is a move of sorts. Does the Hylemorphist variety of Hyleninja have more substance and therefore an edge in combat against a Hyleninja without the Hylemorphic training? Or does a mere Hyleninja without the Hylemorphic training serve as a prime candidate for what matters?

Please exuse the philosophy jokes if you don't get them. I can't help myself. The form is willing, but the matter is weak.

Photomatt is the biggest name blogger that I can find who uses Wordpress. The best list that I can find is the Word Press Wiki User Directory.

The main difference between Wordpress and MT is that you don't have to rebuild pages in Wordpress. MT generates static pages, while Wordpress generates pages on the fly. There are advantages to each method.

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