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Jollyblogger collects the links to most of the God's will posts in the Christian blogosphere of late. There are more than I'd realized, though he did miss at least one. Unfortunately, I don't have the link for the other one I know about anymore. It was from someone who was offering an Arminian account in challenge to the Reformed accounts of most of us, but I didn't think it was very fair to Reformed thought, and I expressed my concerns in the comments. I checked back a bit later and hadn't seen any response, but then I later lost the link. If anyone knows which blog this was on, feel free to post the link in the comments (or perhaps at Jollyblogger instead to make his post more complete).

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A few days ago Adrian Warnock e-mailed me asking if I would like to engage in a little friendly debate regarding my prior posts on finding the will of God. I said sure - love to. Adrian said that this Read More


There's a blog called "The Limitless" which interacts with me and you on this. I just didn't think to include it in my roundup because he seemed more concerned with raising issues with my post on the two wills in God. However, on a re-read, I see that he does touch on the current subject.

Here's the link - http://www.thelimitless.com/?itemid=7

Let me know if that's not the one you were thinking of.


That was the one. Apparently the author isn't interested in continuing the discussion, since there are no further comments.

When I looked over it again, it did seem more for that other topic than this one, but that assumes that they're really different topics. I wasn't really thinking of them as different topics, especially given that some of the posts bleed over from one issue into the other, and posts on one topic led to further posts pn the related semi-different topic.

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