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For some reason my font size on this blog all of a sudden got much bigger this morning after I changed something that should be irrelevant. It looks really annoying. I can change my browser's default font viewing size to make it smaller, but that doesn't look like the way it used to look. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone have a clue what might be causing it? My stylesheet hasn't changed, and nothing in the template that I've changed should have anything to do with this.


Interesting that in Firefox the site looks normal but in IE it's screwy.

It looks the same as alway on mine and I'm using Mac Safari.

Jeremy remove the small b at the very top of your main index page and the problem should resolve itself.

It looked substantially bigger for a few hours this morning before you changed back. It did not look hideous, but it was not as sleek as it looks now.

Yes, it was the b, which is right next to the controller for the pointing device right in the middle of the keyboard. I think something like that has happened before, but I didn't notice that consequence of it.

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