Evangelicalism and Inerrancy

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Back of the Envelope continues the discussion about evangelicalism and its boundaries, raising questions about whether evaneglicals must hold to inerrancy. He's now interacted a good deal with some of my comments, and it's turned more into a conversation. I wasn't exactly wanting to recommend this post when I first read it, as my lengthy comments will show, but what it's turned into now is definitely worth digesting.

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Donald Crankshaw at Back of the Envelope has been running a series of posts on Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism. There is one in particular that I wanted to comment on called Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism: The Inerrancy of Scripture. This post was Read More


I've found The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals to be a great resource for all things evangelical:
It's at: www.alliancenet.org/

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