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Well, the blog was down for some time today. It's back up. Some of the internal links are now dead due to the transferral. I assume links to will continue to work in the future, but the new location is What won't work anymore are internal links in the form of the first link, including, and some of the post numbers have even changed, so you can't just substitute. If you find any broken links, let me know. I am trying to change them all. I'm that picky.

Update: In case you're here from this week's Christian Carnival, go to this entry. The entry I submitted has now left the building (or at least the screen), so you can't get to it by scrolling down as the instructions said. I'll have a post on the Carnival once I've read it all. I've been grading all day and just barely made my first grading deadline. The other one is Friday at noon.

Update 2: I've fixed the wrong link that I had in this post.

The XML link has also changed. It's now

I'm gradually updating the internal links. Everything in May and in the sidebar should be correct. It will take some time to work backward.


Something similar happened to me last month. For some reason my permalinks changed and I couldn't figure out why. So posts linked to up to that point were dead. I'm also the sort of person who'd go back and fix them all, but I took a deep breath and rolled that thought off the cliff! Too much other stuff to do.

Ok it's all my fault. The server access is much better here in the US than in Hong Kong. The configuration changes are due to the fact that I hadn't initially planned on hosting severl extra blogs. However every thing is stablized now. The new link should read

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