Christian Carnival XIX

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Welcome to the nineteenth Christian Carnival. This is an exciting edition to be hosting, because 19 is the highest prime number lower than 20. That means this is the last Christian Carnival of the first 20 that will be numbered with a prime number. An era is ending! The prime numbers get much more rare from here on. There are eight primes in the first 20. We have to wait until 53 to get through another eight primes and then 89 for another eight beyond that, then 131, etc. So this is an important edition of the Christian Carnival.

Before going on to the Carnival. I'll warn you that many of the blogs in the Carnival are hosted by Blogger, which has had some serious server problems recently. They were better, but then they started acting up again, so I'm making it a little easier to get to Blogger posts by linking both main pages and individual posts and giving the name of each post (unless it's really obvious to find from the description) for every post on a Blogger blog. You can see my advice for getting around these problems if you encounter them. On to the Carnival...

For some reason I'd counted 12 entries this week, a nice biblical number. I couldn't really think of a good way to line up the posts with the 12 apostles or the 12 tribes of Israel, so I couldn't take advantage of the biblical number to get a fun little theme out of it. Then I recounted, and it all made sense. There are 15 posts. That's only a biblical number in History of the World, Part I, which had 15 original commandments until Moses dropped the third tablet. Oh, well. At least most of them fall into some neat categories, with others somewhat loosely dwelling in the regions nearby.


At Digitus, Finger & Co., in The Future of Art, Neil queries readers about what they think is the future of art, since right now art in all its forms seems to be very stagnant. Randomness submits The Making of a Music Video, independent filmmaking at its low-budget best.

More Than Enough at Brey King Live offers "poetry that shares why Jesus is more than enough to satisfy me. His love, joy, peace, and sacrifices are more than enough."

Ethics and Christian Living:

In On Satan's Scylla and Charybdis, Mister Standfast writes about poverty of spirit, the human condition, you know, the usual Christian blogger stuff! Life in a fallen world leads to a weird mix of false guilt and false justification, neither of which is ultimately helpful, but both of which shed more light on just what it is we're being saved from.

After looking at some moral questions that could easily have sparked Mister Standfast's reflections above, Of Good Intentions, Sincere Beliefs and Honest Mistakes at Imago Veritatis shows that sincerity is no substitute for truth. All members of the body of Christ must use their gifts so that we may all grow into the fullness of his grace. Here is an excerpt: "Well intentioned, honestly mistaken, sincerely deluded or deliberately neglectful or rebellious... it doesn�t matter. The body of Christ will be hindered from becoming mature and attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. The Lord has not called us to give an account for the results or �successful outcome� of our obedience. He has called us to be faithful to do what He commands, regardless of whether we see the fruit of it in our ministry or indeed our lifetime."

Saying Goodbye at Kingdom Come reflects on emptying out an old church building which has just been sold, with some thoughts worth considering about the role possessions might play in distracting us from the kingdom of God.

From the Anchor Hold offers us Fighting the sin of mental murder, on how to avoid sinning while using the internet and
encountering flame warriors, blogroaches, overheated pundit commenters, and
various of the chronically or professionally outraged.

View from the Pew discusses what worship is and what it isn't, confronting what some elements of what I think is one of the biggest misconceptions within my generation of contemporary Christianity.


In The Great Physicist, Fringe sees the human tendency to rid ourselves of a biblical notion of God in some new pseudo-scientific speculation about the origins of our universe.

Not My Righteousness at Reasons Why looks at the standing of one who is justified by God.

Purposes of Christ's Death, Part 5 at Rebecca Writes is part of a series looking at the texts that give us explicit purposes statements for Christ's death. This particular post looks at Galatians 3:13 and 14, the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham, and the lifting of the curse.

On the Bible:

Christopher at Spare Change asks for readers & bloggers to share their life verses. In a carnival full of Christians, surely there will be some who will share.

Parableman reviews some of the major Bible translations in the unusually named Review of Bible Translations.

At The Great Separation, we have First the Revolve Bible for Girls, Now the Refuel Bible for Guys, a mediation on the Bible-undermining attitudes behind the glitzy-packaged New Testament for Guys.

Finally, Jollyblogger confronts an even scarier problem (if that's possible) in Bible Study sans Bible, critiquing of an article on the Youth Specialties website where the writer describes a new way he found of getting students interested in Bible study. What stands out to Jollyblogger is that the Bible wasn't used in this new form of Bible Study.

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Oh heck... if I had known that writing about prime numbers will get you published in the Carnival, I would have done it in a heartbeat. Oh, sorry, I was just told that this is a *CHRISTIAN* Carnival, so my use of the expletive "heck" is especially frowned about. I guess I should stop !@%#$ swearing.

I dont like these dark colours too much. I think a carnival is supposed to colourful and stuff.

Why dont you atleast color the links with different colors. I think that that would make the mood more festive.

- Raj

I don't know how to do any of that! This was my favorite of the stylesheets included with MT, and I haven't found another that I like more. The stylesheet determines my colors, and every time I've tried to change it it's looked terrible, so I haven't wanted to play with it until I can explore a graphical interface for editing stylesheets.

Sigh ... I'm really going to miss 19. So sad. It was a good number.

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