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Despite not being able to move around much without vertigo and still not recovering on my sleep, I've finally gotten through the whole Carnival while also getting through most of my preparation for tonight's Bible study on Isaiah 28. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to do any of the original content blog posts I wanted to do, though. Besides my obligatory mention of my post on God's will and naturalism and Sam's on women being silent in the churches, I want especially to recommend Rebecca's discussion of some things to learn from Paul's prayers, in particular the one at the beginning of Philippians.

Also, La Shawn reminds us of some particularly Christian convictions we should apply to the violence going on in the world right now, along with some good reasons to resist the popular view that Jesus commanded pacifism in the Sermon on the Mount. There are a number of other posts worth thinking about and interacting with.

Another item that's Christian Carnival-worthy that wasn't in this week's Carnival but is worth my mentioning now (for one reason because it continues a discussion that's been partly on this blog) is Jollyblogger's lengthy analysis of charismatic issues as a followup on the Blogdom of God conversation about God's will. I was expecting to have to write a long response, but it turns out there's very little we disagree on, even though he considers himself a cessationist and I consider myself a non-cessationist.

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