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Why don't we say things rot anymore? Now they just suck, and somehow that's supposed to sound worse than saying they rot, but which is really worse? I'd rather suck than rot, because if you suck then at least you're doing something. If you rot, then you're either dead and wholly a material object (or else it wouldn't be you but your corpse that is rotting) or some sort of undead, and sucking is much better than either. So we should return to saying things rot if we really want them to sound bad.

Well, Blogger really seems to be rotting away these days. The wretched free site that you shouldn't expect anything from because you get what you pay for that seemed to have improved such a great deal in the last month or so has apparently gotten even worse. Blogger has been having some of the most ridiculous server problems I've ever seen them have (and that says a lot). The "www" before the address won't work. Permalinks seem not to be working consistently. Sometimes even a blog's main page won't load up the first time (which has been going on for months, but now it redirects you somewhere else, and you can't just hit reload, which was all it took before for it to work).

I got off Blogger as soon as I had the opportunity to do so without paying for something else, but I still have to read Blogger blogs because others haven't had that opportunity. I'm going through the Christian Carnival entries for tomorrow, and so many of them are Blogger blogs that it's going to be really annoying for people to go through this thing when it's done. For that reason, I've been exploring how to avoid some of these problems, since you can always expend some effort to read a post you're looking for if you can get to the main index of the blog you want and then scroll down. Even the Blogger permalink problems are less likely to occur if you're coming from the blog it's part of (though I'm not sure even that's guaranteed). The problem is that if the main page doesn't load, it redirects you. So you may have to type the name in manually. You'll probably want to copy it before you hit enter, so that when it doesn't load up the first time and redirects you, you can just paste it back in and hit enter again. With a little persistence, it usually works.

So much for the new Blogger, if this is the result!


You know, for a brief moment I regretted moving Kingdom Come to Movable Type when I saw the new Blogger.

That feeling's gone now....

That's interesting, because the opposite of "suck" - "blow" - also can mean the exact same thing as "suck". Example: "This movie blows, man." Consider another linguistic anomaly:

"I could care less about her."
"I couldn't care less about her."

These two statements mean the same thing: The speaker hardly cares about the object of his statements. So the existence of the "not" in the second sentence does not negate the meaning from the first sentence. In fact, it has no effect on the meaning of the first sentence.

This example, amongst others, is one more reason why English can be hard to learn for many people around the world.

Of course, 'suck' and 'blow' are synonyms in another context too, the one that led to their being synonyms in the same sense that they're synonyms of 'rot'.

As for 'could care less', that's just a grammar error that became common. I don't think English is alone in having sentences that became common that originally were wrong.

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