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I'm happy to announce that I now have my very own guest blogger. (There's still a possibility that this will turn into a genuine group blog, but at this point he's a measly guest blogger, at his own insistence.) He goes by the online name Wink, and he's got his own blog. I've known him for a long time, and if you happen to know him also then please keep his anonymity intact. I've already said a few things about him before I was ready to announce who he is (to whatever degree I've actually done that).

On the theological and even moral questions that we most care about, I think we have basic agreement, with our differences on some issues even requiring technical terms just to make clear. This is probably at least in part because we've influenced each other in some ways and probably to some degree simply because we have similar starting points in our thinking. On political matters, however, he's enough more liberal than I am that he thinks it might be good to add a Kerry button below the Bush one, though he thinks I could make it smaller than the Bush one to indicate that it's the guest blogger who endorses it. (Maybe I should do that and make it very small!) I don't actually know if there's a Blogs for Kerry site equivalent to the Blogs for Bush site, which is what my Bush button links to. A Google search didn't turn one up, either. Does anyone know of such a thing?

Anyway, I imagine he won't be posting as often as I do, but I'm looking forward to some lively discussion when he does. Those who have been following the comments have already seen some of this. I've added a few links to the blogroll at his request, but he didn't even have many to add, since my lists were already "frighteningly complete". I've also made a link to his blog more prominent at the top of the sidebar.


Good to have him aboard. I've enjoyed his comments in the past...


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