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I'm excited to announce that my first published work is now out. I just received my two complimentary copies (with my paid subscription copy still to come) of the latest issue of Faith and Philosophy, which includes my book review of the IVP Four Views book on God and time, edited by Greg Ganssle. It's only four pages, but it makes some substantial philosophical points, a little unusual for a book review (which is why they allowed it to be a little longer than the usual review for that journal, too). Even though the journal isn't available online (though it should be in most good university libraries), you can read the Word file I posted to my website a while back. Is that legal now that it's published? Philosophers do it all the time, but I know that's no good sign of its legality.


Congrats! May it be the first of many...


Congrats! I'll read it first thing when I get the next Faith and Philosophy.


Congratulations! I look forward to reading it.

Congrats! It reminds me of that sausage song you did some years ago. Maybe you should get on the phone with Sony?

The a capella thing with the chicken cluck solo? That was almost ten years ago. Can you believe it? I'd like to think I've written better and more marketable music (and lyrics) than that, so if I were to approach a music company (which wouldn't be Sony!) I think I'd probably submit something else.

The lyrics to that should still be online at my old website, by the way, along with anything else I wrote that I considered even remotely decent. Unfortunately, I never was able to get audio of any of it online (and I wasn't happy with some of the recordings anyway). I really like some of the music I wrote back before I ceased to have time even to play much outside of a worship context (and even that has gotten pretty minimal in the last year). The last song I wrote was 1998.

Exciting, isn't it?

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