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I'm hoping the album arrives tomorrow. If not, I'll keep posting these. In case it does, I wanted to get my favorite Kansas song in. This is from their 2000 album Somewhere to Elsewhere, perhaps their best but at the very least up with Leftoverture and Point of Know Return. All the songs on it were written by Kerry Livgren, and it was recorded in his studio, and it features all the members of Kansas in the "original" lineup from the first album. (The original version of this song is older than that lineup and was done by the first two bands known as Kansas. The second lineup is Proto-KAW, whose new album Before Became After I'm awaiting. The third recorded the first album. He reworked this song considerably for this recording.)

Myriad (Kerry Livgren)

Upon the page, symbolic form,
Both a miracle and yet the norm
The functions clear, sum and difference will soon transform
Equations chain, lies in His hand,
Voice authority will dance command
Solution's true, line of measure will divide, expand

Myriad, see the numbers as they're counting down
Thousands and thousands
Myriad, form and function to display the sound
Line upon line every melody points the way

The cycle turns, like Heaven's gate,
Unknown integers predestinate
Calculating all we must explore, and navigate

Quantities no man can know,
No formula to wield
No pages left to turn,
No choices but to yield


Livgren's lyrics are lovely, but they are almost nothing without the music. Just my humble opinion. I am not a huge fan, but dh is!

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