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Still no Before Became After. If it's arrived in Syracuse, the online tracking hasn't caught up to it. So here we go with another one. This is from Kerry Livgren's Prime Mover II, his 1998 rerecording/remixing/revision of 1988's Prime Mover. This song was new to the second version. He wrote it on a napkin while eating at a restaurant with singer Warren Ham.

Incantos (Livgren)

When I was young and world was old
I saw through eyes of light
These wonders will not cease until
The years have claimed my sight

Bright image floats above the plain
Whose voice renewing mind
Is building kingdoms long to last
A priceless pearl to find

The stories told have not been lost
But saved through pen and sword
And will not empty handed turn
Til' all have seen this Lord

A brighter way is nowhere found
In all Creation's hall
One misty dream doth now enfold
Since from estate did fall

The call is heard across the wave
To summon all would hear
Sweet song of company long endeared
And men who love good cheer

It is my brother's place to keep
And mine to you return
All works of straw will not retain
There's time enough to learn

No coin will buy or memories burn
Nor lift the sounding weight
Though all will press the wheel in turn
Not open Heaven's Gate

Too noble for this darkened plain
To walk among the lost
And hang upon yon coarsest branch
No measure of the cost

All start in endless number count
And glory testify
To all in truth the deep of night
And jewels of wisdom buy

In liquid skies no toil or tear
Brought down by crimson stain
In robes of light proceed before
Redemptions golden train

The fruit of labors long endured
Shall end in grand display
Til' peace like river freely flows
Has come in one fine day

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