Health food from the nostrils

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From McConchie on Bioethics: It's healthier to pick your nose and eat it than it is to refrain. At least, that's what an Austrian professor of pulmonary medicine says. Your finger is a more effective tool than a handkerchief, so you get more out. That much is common sense. What's surprising is his claim that eating it will build your immune system. I guess it's not that surprising if you know anything about the immune system, but it's surprising that an M.D.-Ph.D. is saying it. What's interesting to me is that he says eating the dry remains builds your immune system. What about the fluid stuff? Does it not build your immune system because of the form it takes, or does even he not want to suggest that because it's too gross? We already know that sucking it down your throat builds your immune system, so what would be unhealthy about eating it? I think the guy's just too much of a wimp to say it.


Well, just last night my kids were reprimanding me for picking my nose. (I was just scratching an itch. HONEST!)

I do draw the line at the eating part. Tastes too gross--dried or liquid--and don't ask me how I know that.

You know, this is really, really gross. Parenthood can desensitize you to a lot of things but for me talking about picking your nose and (ick) eating it is not one of them.

Ewwww...I'll be bringing a bag of boogers for the yungun's next Sunday...

Now listen here, sir, I came here for my intellectual fix!!..... this I can get at home by watching my 5 year old! Back to politics, religion and philosophy, please! Occaisional human interest allowed, but this is NOT interesting. (Now that I have reprimanded my favorite blogger in the world, I feel so much better.... you understand I am laughing while writing this, just for the record.)

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