Diaperless Babies

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More scatological news: Environmentalists have a new cause. We should abandon diapers. Disposables, of course, aren't easily biodegradable and take up lots of room in landfills. They also contan material that will pollute if incinerated. Yet this isn't just a move to cloth diapers. Those use too much detergent, water, and energy to keep washing. The solution? Just stop using them, and figure out the signs to anticipate when your baby is about to engage in bodily functions. Find a toilet or a tree, and then all you'll need to do is wipe the kid. (via Volokh)

I have no words for how stupid this is. This would result in washing clothes more often (or just buying more clothes and having more clothes to wash when you do it), since no one can perfectly predict when a kid's about to unload. Therefore it involves more cleaning supplies: paper or cloth towels or wipes, soap, detergent. It also raises questions about what to do when traveling. Car seats, couches, and public places create problems and not just with having extra changes of clothes. You can't stop a car with no notice in some locations. Certain things are much harder to clean even than clothes. What about the health issues of having waste matter distributed behind trees and such places?

This just takes the environmental problem back a step and just makes life ridiculously more difficult, especially when you've got more than one kid in diapers. It would surprise me to hear this from pretty much anyone except an environmentalist group.


Idiots, blathering idiots. I'll take the kids to their house with out diapers and see how they like it. Dear Lord save us from our stupidity.

There was an article that my wife ("Chord" is the name I will call her) had shown me a while ago, how some guy is advocating abolition of all toilets and that we should revert to digging ditches in the open. Not only would it tear down progress in public health for the last one hundred years, but I really, really don't want to watch my neighbors doing it in the open, either.

The solutions to these problems are simple. (1) colostomy bags and urethral plugs, or, (2)just stop feeding and giving drink to children. Hey, the environment comes first!

We raised our kid without diapers, following a simple technique of communicating with the baby called Ellimination Communication.

Believe it or not (I was skeptical in the begining) at 2-3 months age ny son was able to tell us when it needs to go. At 7 months my son was wearing a normal underwear, no diapers at all. Now, at age of 1 he is able to handle his ellimination needs just as a 4 years old kid.

You cannot imagine how happy is the baby that it communicates with us and we understand it. He is proud that he stays clean by his own effort -- this is his first step towards self-dependence, long before he can walk or eat by himself.

Advertising of pampers says that their diapers were inspired by babies. I highly doubt it, when on a hot day like today I watch a baby wearing plastic disposable diapers (I can imagine how it feels) and then see my 1 year old son enjoying the freedom of a light underwear.

See this news report http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5791829757275003661

Ludmil, that's interesting. Given that we've got an almost-five-year-old who still can't tell us when he needs to go, I don't think it could have been much use to us.

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