Christian Carnival XIV

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The fourteenth Christian Carnival is up, with my Pro-Choice Anti-Abortion post. Jollyblogger gives the most balanced thoughts I've seen so far in the recent Blogdom of God discussions on Christians leaving the church. Miss O'Hara gives some equally balanced considerations about the big Purpose-Driven Fad within evangelicalism. Unfortunately, both of these last two lacked links to their specific posts within the Carnival itself. Finally, Mark Roberts has begun a new series on why Jesus had to die. This looks to be an excellent series. I'm looking forward to the rest.



Sorry, I don't know what happened - I thought I sent a link to Nick on my Jollyblogger post. I see you found it - sorry you had to search for it.

David Wayne

The links to the two blogs were there but not to the specific entries. I didn't have to search, because someone posted them in a comment.

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