Christian Carnival XV

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It's a milestone of sorts for the Christian Carnival today, and I'm pointing that out in my own milestone -- my 300th entry. This has been one of the most enjoyable Christian Carnivals for me. I have a number of posts to recommend. First, of course, is my own argument for Christianity based on what the Bible itself says. I put a lot of work into this one, written before I even had a blog.

Jollyblogger has some excellent observations on two methods of Christian evaluation of pop culture -- the moralistic approach and the redemptive approach. I have a third one to add -- those who just appreciate enjoyable things. All three are good in different ways. I can't agree with him about the presuppositionalist stuff, however, for these reasons. I am going to have to link to his blog, though, but it will be when I'm not about to go to bed but posting this just to have something today.

Spare Change notices some crucial points about God's will in scripture.

Messy Christian gives a couple good, practical examples of forgiveness in her own life, one when it took active initiation for reconciliation, when it would have been very easy for her to let things to go the other way, the other when the people involved are still hostile to her. I think what her cases show is her being molded into the image our the God who opens his arms to his enemies. This is thus a great picture of part of the process of Christian sanctification, aspects of the divine image in our character being restored to health and wholeness.

IntolerantElle is new to me. She posts about some of the downsides of church-owned buildings, both in terms of kingdom priorities and with regard to our view of what worship and church are.

Oh, by the way, you achieve a milestone yourself by being the 500th commenter (I think it was) by commenting next on this blog. (This is written with John R's comment on the lizard post as the latest.) You better make it a good one, though.

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