Air America's racism?

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According to John Rabe (the link he gives is dead, so I don't have access to his source), the adoption of Air America (the new liberal reaction to the long-time success of conservative talk radio) at WLIB in New York City, until now a traditionally black radio station (about which see comments by Baldilocks here and here) has led to the firing of a number of black employees, one of whom said the following:

"How is this going to impact the Black community? As far as I've heard, they've got a couple of Whites who just really want to go after Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and all the others. You can't convince me that that's going to be something good for Black and Hispanic people."

John R has a number of other observations in the same post, some of them worth noticing.

Update: I found more on this from Bryon York at NRO. It's more widespread than just New York (via little green footballs).

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