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This is my 250th entry. I don't have anything incredibly significant and worth the honor of being my 250th post, as was true of my last two landmark posts. So as to avoid any claim that I'm trying to raise the value of a post to be worth the significance of being post #250, I'm going to talk about something completely worthless and stupid. I'm going to blog about the fact that it's my 250th post and how it became that way. (Actually, given the last sentence, you might think I'm also blogging about the fact that I'm blogging about the fact that it's my 250th post. Wait. Now that I said that, I also have to mention that I'm blogging about the fact that I'm blogging about the fact that I'm... Oh, never mind. Recursive blogging isn't necessarily a good thing.)

It really is my 250th post. Believe me. It doesn't matter that I had to change the time of almost four hours to get it to appear earlier than the time I'm posting it. It doesn't matter that I had 251 entries already before I wrote it. It doesn't matter that I had to interrupt two posts that I typed in immediate succession by fixing this one between them. All that matters is that its final position is 250. I had planned on doing this days ago anyway, and who cares about the technicalities of when I typed it? The sad thing is that I do, and my deceptive behavior offends my conscience deeply enough that I had to report it publicly.

I know this is no excuse or justification for my behavior, but my deep-seated conviction that the 250th post should at least be distinctive in some way has overcome my deep-seated conviction that I shouldn't do such things. Both deep-seated tendencies come from the same personality traits: my love of order, exactitude, and things just simply being done right. It's unfortunate that satisfying these requires violating them in the process, but it seems at least a little better that it's out in the open that this is going on. Now go ahead and commit me.


WalloWorld just celebrated his 1,000th post. It hasn't occurred to me to count until reading your 250th post and WW's 1000th post.

MT counts it for me. When I log on, it tells me how many posts and comments there have been. I never counted before I moved to MT and probably wouldn't know now if it didn't do it for me.

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