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Evangelical Outpost has sparked an interesting discussion on whether the human organism is fully existent at conception or at a later time, including whether the soul is present at conception. Since it tied in nicely with some of what I've been working on possibly for my dissertation, I had to throw in some of my own thoughts on problems with the soul having existed since conception. I'm hoping someone has some nice responses to those problems, though, since it might help getting my stalled project back off the ground.


Check out the most recent Discover for some interesting discussion about early development of the blastocyst and how the viability of the resultant fetus is more and more determined just by the egg and conditions months prior to fertilization. I've got it, and can lend it to you. Plus, maybe you can tell me what you think of my comments sometime [sorry they too narcisistically often came back to my own work]

I'd be interested in that. You don't happen to have Discover magazine back to 1994 or so, do you? There's an article about the scientific basis of race that I want to get ahold of.

As for your comments, I glanced through them and haven't had a chance to think about them. I imagine the stuff particular to your view isn't going to affect the problems I have, since it's views like yours that I'm trying to avoid. We'll see.

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