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I'm cleaning up my favorite posts listing. Collecting entries of related topics into one post for each topic seems to be a good way to decrease the number of entries in my favorite posts list, so here's a list of posts on homosexuality and gay marriage that I would otherwise want in the listing but have too little room for all of them.

Marriage already undermined argues that those who are treating gay marriage as the end of the world haven't realized how far the notion of marriage most secular people have is already far enough removed from the Christian notion of marriage that this is a small step.

A new moral dilemma for Christians looks at what a lesbian who becomes a Christian and renounces homosexuality but has a child with her lesbian partner should do thereupon.

A Deeper Notion of Marriage looks at what secular marriage lacks that Christian marriage insists on.

Interpretation and homosexuality passages looks at some hermeneutical issues about the consistency of upholding biblical passages against homosexual relationships and sexual acts while not believing the world is flat (and other similar issues). Interpretation and homosexuality passages II continues the discussion.

Legal Fictions and Redefining Terms argues that it's wrong to see the gay marriage issue as being about redefining terms, but it's also wrong to see it as being about discrimination and unequal treatment.

Equal Rights and Gay Marriage continues the second argument from the previous post in more depth. I revise my view to saying that there's no discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, but there is discrimination on the basis of sex. That turns out not to be illegal in the United States, but it is in some states with Equal Rights Amendment-type laws, such as California. I further argue that such laws have very bad consequences and thus should be removed rather than used as arguments for same-sex marriage.

Fidler on Homosexuality looks at some issues that I think evangelicals steer away from to avoid looking like their condoning sin. The result, however, is bad in three ways. First, they make philosophical errors about what is wrong and what is not with regard to homosexuality, starting from some plain biblical statements that I agree with and ending up with a much more extreme position than the biblical passages entail. Second, they sometimes use rhetoric that shows a failure to understand people who are gay and most importantly sounds mean-spirited and hateful when it's not intended to be. Simply adjusting their language would make a big difference. Third, their actual attitude toward gay people may really be homophobic despite their denial of that charge.

Other posts come up, but these are the ones I had in my favorite posts listing that I am now removing from that list.


Lets see if the commenting is now working. Also, came to see what kind of work you have done on abortion.
Made In The Sun,

I haven't organized anything on abortion, but there's a search feature in the side column. Just type in "abortion" and watch the magic work.

If I'd done this post much later, I would have included this one that looks at pursuing the FMA as idolatry. The comments thread is quite engaging.


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