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Mark Steen of HyleNinja has started a new philosophy blog run by the philosophy graduate students at Syracuse University, so now I'm part of a new blog. It's already up and running with a bunch of posts, though right now it's just the two of us and his wife Irem who have posted anything. OrangePhilosophy is an appropriate name.


Actually, although there's not that much up, I'm pretty excited about the project. As far as I know, there is no site quite like it. The closest that comes to it is _Philosophy From the (617)_ , now defunct. I betcha this will become a more wide-spread phenomenon. It just makes sense as a way of talking to each other, sharing papers, etc.. While we do get to meet each other and talk about issues, this simulates an ongoing graduate student meeting. Even if nobody outside of our department looks at it, it should be valuable (actually I was thinking of making it a private blog, but it seemed best to leave it open).

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