Greed and Pride

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Josh Claybourn connects greed and pride in an interesting way. He says they're two sides of the same coin. "Pride is taking pleasure in being ahead, greed is discontent over being behind."

One thing to consider, then, is how this relates to Paul's little aside in one of his vice lists, saying that greed is idolatry. Why is greed idolatry? The greedy person has money or possessions at a higher priority than God. Money or possessions will therefore be an idol, and you can't serve both God and mammon.

If pride and greed are connected, then is pride also a form of idolatry? Of course. It's putting yourself as a priority higher on your list than where you've put God. That's as idolatrous as anything. Josh describes greed as one of the root causes of all unhappiness, and his quote from C.S. Lewis shows how the same can be true of pride. I think it's worth thinking about how the reason these are both causes of unhappiness is that they're different instances of making something a god when it isn't and when the true God not only deserves our complete obedience but also desires for us to experience the wonders of his grace when we do give him our trust and allegiance.

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