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If you have a Christian-related post from last week to enter into the Christian Carnival, please do so by Tuesday night.

Here's the message from the host for this week:

For those unsure of what I mean by Carnival I will try to explain.
First, a Carnival is a gathering of posts from various blogs that
showcases their best post from the previous week. Each blog is allowed
to enter one post, and I will take all of the posts and put them in one
big post on my front page. Then each person who enters will link to that
post, thus not only showing off their post, but also allowing their
readers to get the best from around the blogosphere. Also, I ask that
you please post on your site so that your readers who also blog will
consider sending in their best post of this week.

To enter is simple. First your post should be of a Christian nature, but
this does not exclude posts that are political (or otherwise) in nature
from a Christian point of view. Then do the following:

email me at

Provide the following:

Title of your Blog
URL of your Blog
Title of your post
URL linking to that post
Description of the Post

Cut off date is Tuesday by 10 PM EST.

All questions are welcome. Get your entry in asap!

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