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I don't generally like to throw links around InstaPundit-style without having something to say about them, but I've got a longer list of things I think are worth reading that I have relatively little to say about than I could possibly come up with time to think about long enough to have something to say about many of them. So I'll go overboard on the links, since I'm acting out of character anyway.

Josh Claybourn links to an article by Thomas Sowell lamenting the fact that bad economics gets passed on so often because good economists won't bother to refute anything that has already been seen to be refuted in academic journals by most of the community of economists. The problem is that none of it filters down to the popular level, and elections reflect all the mythical thinking that economists could easily refute. Along the way, he does some nice refuting of some of these myths.

Also via Josh Claybourn, this new combination modern art/public toilet really plays with our ideas of privacy. Imagine sitting on the toilet doing your duties with nothing but glass separating you and the people outside on the street. That's literally true here, and it will look just like that on the inside of the bathroom, though to the outside it just looks like a bunch of mirrors. The most interesting part, however, is that it's legal, in the spirit of the artwork, and most of all not even disgusting to urinate and defecate on a piece of art.

One Hand Clapping has a post balancing out some of what he's said previously on the gay marriage issue. His general perspective so far has been pretty much the same as mine, roughly ambivalent about the rage so far expressed by so many Christians on the issue, with really mixed feelings about the events transpiring in California, Massahusetts, Ohio, and pretty much every other state saying one thing or another on the issue. He generally seems to have no problem with a secular government doing whatever it wants to do in assigning a civil status to gay couples. This new post focuses on the comparison between biblical descriptions of homosexual sex and divorce often brought up by those who want to see approval for homosexuality. As usual, I don't see any problems with his argument.

A quick scan of "How Can We Know Anything About the Real Jesus?", by Mark Roberts, whose work in the past I've enjoyed and found balanced and not overstated, gives me enough reason to suggest it to those who worry about the extreme skeptical claims of some who call themselves scholars and yet think we don't know much about Jesus, which turns out to be a really extreme view among biblical scholars, not that the specials on the History Channel would clue anyone in to that.

Hey! I know this guy! One of the entries in the Christian Carnival VI is by Enoch Choi, who was in medical school at Brown when I was an undergrad there. I can't say I know him well, but we had some close friends in common, one of whom was in my wedding party (Melvin, if you read this, I have no remnants of your contact info. due to a virus a few years ago but would definitely appreciate an email). His wife Tania also blogs on a separate page at his site. These are two people whom I respect very much, and I look forward to reading their thoughts.


hey, email me and i'll give you mel's contact info.

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