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Someone did a Google search for:

hit the sack saying history

They clicked on the link after reading Google's except and proceeded to see the deep and insightful connections between the saying 'hit the sack' and ... people who believe the world was created in six 24-hour periods! Hmm. These aren't the droids you're looking for...

Someone did a Yahoo search for:

christianity, post literal, films

It landed on my main page. I do use all those words from time to time, but not necessarily in any related way. What's most obvious in all these searches is how many people don't have a clue how to search. Commas? Try quotes.

Here's one that I think I forgot to put in my last listing. Someone searched Google for this:

critics about ayn rand and her new racism in multiculturalism

I can't imagine what this person was looking for. It must be something very specific. Was the term 'multiculturalism' even invented before Rand died? Whatever this person was looking for (and it seems to be something that would require better searching skills, including quotes), it isn't on my site.

Update: Here are some more. Someone searched Earthlink for Bush wimp. They received a description of my post about the wimpiness of libertarianism and for some reason still clicked on it!

Someone did a search from an Asian language Google search page (I'm guessing Korean) for new euphemism. With such a non-specific search, my post on Brights was #4. That's surprising, but I guess Google likes me.

Someone did a CNN Google query for al sharpton humanitarian. I was #9, and apparently I looked like what they wanted.

It's probably worth mentioning that probably half of my hits resulting from search engines have to do with Myers-Briggs types of specific people mentioned in my blog (or some just something like famous entp or famous ENTJ) and that many of the specific people mentioned aren't discussed on my blog in terms of personality type, which makes me wonder why people click on the link. Colin Powell, Mel Gibson, Albert Einstein, Saddam Hussein, and Rudy Giuliani are some I've seen.

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