I'm not alone

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One Hand Clapping has a post on gay marriage that basically affirms most of what I've said on the matter (and also from a Christian perspective). Josh Claybourn is also plugging it. The two Christian bloggers whose thinking I've respected most turn out to agree with me just about 100% on this issue of the moment, down to the very qualifications I've had to make to clear up what it is that I'm not saying. It's not just that their view on the matter is the same as mine. Their evaluation of the people who disagree, the motives of such people, and the negative consequences to society and to the gospel of that resistance is roughly what I've argued. I've found both bloggers are worth reading for their balance, and this just confirms that judgment of mine.

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Marriage Follow-up from Joshua Claybourn's Domain on February 20, 2004 12:04 AM

I try to keep things interesting for you, the reader, by exploring a number of different topics that I find Read More


Confirmation Bias! :)

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