Haggling over words

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I've got some more substantive comments (in what might turn into a longer discussion) about why I have such mixed feelings about this gay marriage stuff in the comments over at Antioch Road. I figured it's not worth the effort it would take to rehash them as its own post over here, especially if it ends up turning into a good back-and-forth conversation.

Two highlights of the argument:

1. Christians have already lost the battle over what 'marriage' means (based on a previous post here) in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality.
2. Therefore, the absolutely insistence on an amendment now is based on an unhealthy desire to haggle over words in a way that I think is in danger of the crankiness and divisiveness that I think is the first step down the road toward false teachers (I Timothy 6:4).

Head over there for more details on why I think this.

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