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That's how long it took for Crooked Timber to change my link from my old blog location to this one. For those who don't know, Crooked Timber is probably the most linked to group blog by academic bloggers from multiple disciplines. (This assumes The Volokh Conspiracy doesn't count as interdisciplinary.) Right now Crooked Timber is #28 in the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem, but #23 through #28 are all within 10 links of each other, and I remember Crooked Timber being at #22 not too long ago, so it moves around a bit in that region of the Ecosystem. Volokh is #9.)

The strange thing about this is that, despite my relative obscurity and Crooked Timber's relative popularity, I know one of them personally in real life. He has no access to the blogroll feature, which lists academic bloggers by field, but I did send emails to two other Crooked Timber bloggers who failed to respond before I asked him again, and he contacted one of them. I should say that I very much appreciate Crooked Timber's willingness to put a link up for me to begin with, but it is strange that it took this long to get it updated when they put it up within a couple days when they first added me, and the only reason it took that long was because it was winter break and they were all traveling.

Now if I could only get Adrian Warnock to switch me in the Blogdom of God (a loose collection of blogs that loosely identify themselves as God blogs, loosely interpreted). He's already a day behind Crooked Timber, because I first emailed him about it on Jan 31, and my first email to someone at Crooked Timber was Feb 1. To be fair, I've only emailed him once since then (though I've emailed him a few times about adding me to the aggregator, with no response), and people at Crooked Timber had four total emails before they switched it, but the Blogdom of God also has an automated submission feature, and I did try that also at least a week after the first time I emailed him. This non-switch has had a serious impact on my Ecosystem ranking, since my old blog still outranks my new one, mostly because of all the links from people in the Blogdom of God.


Clearly, the best way to kick me into action is to blog about it!!!!

I hope my new POPfilter program that is supposed to filter spam didnt think your previous email was spam!

As is usual if an email is not answered within 24 hours, you can assume it has probably been lost- don't worry I wont be offended if you send it again!!!

You are now in the aggregator and appear three times in the Blogdom!

I think that the truthlaid bear allows you to link several addresses together!

God bless


Thanks! So I guess it took 28 days for that. I think that leaves Discoshaman (Le Sabot Postmodern) as the only one left who linked me directly not through a blogroll from an alliance, and he's been offline for a while, so he's got an excuse.

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