Gay gene?

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There's an excellent discussion going on right now at Josh Claybourn's blog on whether homosexuality is determined or made likely by genetics and whether that's even significant for moral issues. Unfortunately, the direct link keeps closing my browser, so I've just linked the main page, and you'll have to scroll down.

I generally don't like to link to things without having anything to say myself, but this is a great discussion, and I do chime in a little bit over there.


Classic is/ought problem. All these proponents are saying is that people are homosexual, so they should be homosexual. I'm not sure why that follows. Many homosexuals are quite against the notion of homosexuality being genetically linked. Their thinking goes that if it is genetic people will just treat it like other genetic diseases.

You might find this presentation interesting. By Dr. Robert L. Spitzer, apparently a well-regarded Columbia University psychologist, which suggests that change in orientation might be possible.

1-13-04 12:40 am

Yes, that's one of the studies discussed over at Josh Claybourn's blog. Some gave with what seemed to me to be devastating criticisms, but the original person who mentioned it has some responses. I haven't had the chance to evaluate that discussion yet.

1-13-04 8:25 am


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