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I've decided to collect my posts about sex and sexuality into an ever-expanding file on my website. Each post will still appear here, but new posts will also end up there to have them all in once place. This will help with searching for particular items and with seeing the overall flow of the whole discussion from start to finish. Posts like the immediately previous one that are really just links to longer discussions will enter the collection as they are on the blog, with just the link and the teaser to the longer piece.

Update: I've now got three such files. The other two are on issues somewhat related to political theory (with a more careful explanation of what I mean by this at the top of the file) and on posts related to race. I've also included these with my Lord of the Rings movies post in the left menu bar. Since that bar is technically my blog description, I don't know how long it can be. I had problems before with it getting too long, which is why the right bar is as long as it is. We'll have to see if I can maintain this list on that side if it gets longer.

Update 2: I've given up. The left column deletes everything beyond a certain number of characters, so I've moved it all to the right column except for my website and Sam's blog.


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