Blaming the wrong people


On NPR today, Diane Rehm and Ken Auletta (media critic and writer for The New Yorker) were ganging up on the media for attaching the "angry" label to Howard Dean. Apparently they saw none of the anger that so many people have seen. Now I don't know who they've been following, but it's hard to watch and hear him when he says "George Bush" without noticing that he absolutely hates the guy. His face gets redder, the veins in his neck get more noticeable, his whole face tightens up, and his tone gets more menacing. Still, I'll let this go. There's something far more important at stake. Suppose this angry Dean thing is an invention. Why blame the media for it? Shouldn't they be giving credit where credit is due? The bloggers are getting stiffed on this one.


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