An Australian forklift driver is the King of England


This is hilarious. A British historian has argued that Queen Elizabeth is illegitimate, and so is every monarch since Edward IV (1461-1483), who was fathered by a French archer. During the five-week period that Edward could have been conceived, the man who was supposed to be his father was at war and nowhere near Edward's mother. Therefore, Edward's younger half-brother, the Duke of Clarence, should have been the legitimate king, and the rightful king now is Michael Abney-Hastings, a forklift driver in Australia. The royal family at the time had been aware of this and tried to avoid the scandal by suggesting that the conception date was earlier, which would have led to an 11-month pregnancy!

Update: For those who aren't inclined to look at the article, go to it at least to see the picture of the guy, whose whole demeanor and physical shape stand in stark contrast to the in-bred, uptight, sickly royalty who have now been shown to be illegitimate after over 500 years. Terry Pratchett is probably enjoying this.


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