Abortion and violence

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Antioch Road on the report of two more deaths from abortion via medication:

"A drug is supposed to avoid invasive surgical procedures, which almost always carry risk. Aborting a pregnancy, resulting in the death of child being carried in the womb, however, will always be invasive, even if a pill is used. It will thus always be dangerous to the mother."

Yes, abortion is inherently a violent act, even if it's candied over by disguising it as medication. To view it otherwise is to ignore the severed biological connection between two organisms, one of whom is already biologically caring for the other, both nutritionally and environmentally. It also underestimates the hormonal imbalance and psychological damage to the mother herself, who in some ways is also a victim of the violent act, even if she initiated it herself (which is not always clearly the case, given the number of young women and even young girls who are effectively coerced by parents and/or boyfriends into such violence against themselves and their children -- often without realizing the presence of such coercive factors). It makes me wonder why someone like Joe Lieberman (who I still think is the best of the Democratic candidates, even on this issue) can continue the Clinton mantra about keeping abortion safe, legal, and rare. Clinton did nothing to make abortion more rare, but many of his comments and appointees have furthered the aim of promoting its legality as an absolute constitutional right, which would have shocked the founders. As for safe, that just baffles me. I don't see how such a violent act could be described as safe.


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