Why take it out on the kid?

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This isn't new, but I just found out about it. In August, a Catholic pre-school denied admission to a 4-year-old girl because her legal parents are lesbians. Their claim is that they can't teach their view that homosexuality is wrong and admit the existence of lesbian parents. I don't see how this follows. Can I teach stealing is wrong despite the obvious examples of stealing that exist? Can I teach murder as wrong despite the fact that it takes place? How does it endorse the actions of someone who you think is doing something wrong if you acknowledge their existence? Even worse, this would be a way to care for someone whose parents you think are improperly raising a child.

I'm not sure which more hurts the public opinion of those who think homosexual acts and/or relationships are wrong -- Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson (who seem to think sins they don't commit are worse than the ones they do, simply because they don't commit them) or these people (who just make the view itself seem ridiculous for ignoring obvious facts, e.g. that lesbian couples adopt children).

Why should it be a problem for the daughter of a lesbian couple to be admitted to a Catholic school? It's one thing to resist teaching homosexuality as natural or homosexual sex or relationships as morally ok. An independent religiously-run school has the right to teach their views on that. It's also their right to admit whoever they want to admit. I think it's just morally wrong for them to pick their students on the basis of who the parents are. Is that her fault?

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