Reagan and AIDS

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It's amazing how many times I've heard that Reagan just dropped the ball on AIDS. I was always told that he didn't do anything until the last year of his second term, and that was just to get Bush elected (never mind the fact that his 1988 declaration of being HIV-positive as a handicapped status was an unpopular decision that could easily have hurt Bush). Now the CBS, I mean Showtime, series on the Reagans has come out, people have shown how wrong this oft-repeated mantra really is. Keep in mind that this has always been taught to me as fact.

Apparently Reagan had a large amount specifically budgeted for AIDS research since 1984 (and the disease wasn't on anyone's radar until about 1982). His three children, two of whom are politically liberal, have all recently defended him on this issue. Patty and Ron have both criticized his policies publicly. I'm trying to imagine what's going on in someone's mind when they concoct this sort of thing.

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