Halliburton probe for Bush profiteering?

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Don't give Halliburton that much credit. "Halliburton didn't profit from that differential, officials said. 'This isn't money that went to the company,' said Larry DiRita, the Pentagon's top spokesman. Rather, he said, the money the Pentagon believes was overcharged went to a private Kuwaiti company that is a subcontractor on the contract."

I wonder if this time the facts will stop Democrats from perpetuating the profiteering charges. There's certainly something to be investigated here, but that's not it. Since the probe into Vice-President Cheney proved fruitless once the non-partisan committee cleared him of even an appearance of a conflict of interest, they've been looking for anything at all to lean toward the war profiteering charges that have been around since before the military action in Iraq even began. I haven't seen any evidence for it yet.

See the full Washington Post piece.

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