Economy best in 20 years!

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Well, the reports are in. Every revised estimate seems to be better than the previous one, but this one takes the cake. The latest Conference Board forecast is that 2003 is the best economic year in 20 years. That's a long time. Given that the recession started before Bush took office and then got worse with 9-11 (which, in the minds of the militant Islamic terrorists, was directed at the Western, materialistic mindset in general, not against anything particular to the Bush Administration), I never saw any reason to blame the economy on Bush. After this, I'm really wondering what they can say. Now if we could just get that to affect the Syracuse area, which seems to be in a buffer zone, I'll be even happier about this. When the rest of the country was booming, we were in a recession. When everything dropped, Syracuse dropped so much less that it remained at a level higher than the rest of the country. As long as it goes up by the time I finish my degree and my parents need to sell this house, I'll be happy.

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