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(See the Worldview Values post below for Ken Wilber's color explanations and analysis. This post has been revised a bit for the sake of clarity.)

Here's some strong evidence that those with a green center of gravity tend to have some purple and red mixed in but are in such strong opposition even to healthy blue-orange themes that they end up appearing like Nazis. Wilber says he would have preferred Al Gore to George Bush, though he was worried about the exclusively green campaign Gore ran. Even so, he thinks Bush is a good president given our current situation. A blue infrastructure is necessary for moving to higher-color memes, but it's pretty much been destroyed and undermined by the often exclusively green attitudes of the Clinton Administration and the half of the country that voted for Gore. So Wilber thinks Bush is actually doing even green-centric people a service by rebuilding that blue infrastructure. Anyway, here's the article that shows the effects of the purple-red-tinged-green (but anti-blue-orange) of the eco-imperialists:,2933,104889,00.html

I like the term 'eco-imperialism'. It shows the inconsistency of maintaining these green attitudes without realizing that blue and orange were necessary to get to the point of seeing that green is even good (and therefore should be retained).

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